Ropewalker, Prince
Man in black, King
and Queen.

Scenario, artist
and director:


Magic show

With breathtaking stunts
Only today and only for you

creative part
of my brain


engineering part
of my brain

AGM Soft (Minsk), UX Designer
UX and UI design.
Created interfaces for big information system
2013 - present time
Freelance Designer
Web-site design
UX and UI design.
Flash presentations
Corporate identity
iOS Apps
Featured works:
Apps for
Flash presentation for Coca-Cola Company
Website templates for seo-agentur (Max Neugebauer)
Apps for White Stripe s.r.o etc
International company VALMAX,
Minsk office
Lead designer, in charge of: Online presentations Exhibition
forming Corporate style support
Client Server Programs,
(Branch of the German company Designer:
Icons and interfaces for touch screen kiosks Presentations development Including: interface for the intranet programme of the BMW company, interface for touch screen kiosks
IT Company CSP (
Designer and flash animator
Web-site design
TFlash presentations Including: characters' animation
for the children's information interactive service «OK with asthma»
ART-director of the belarusian magazine
«Rescue forces 01»
Team management: 3 persons
Responsible for preparation of the journal for publication
Belarusian National
Technical University
Development of the script , the interface design.

Most of the works performed by me in designing of interfaces are under NDA. As an example of my work in designing of interfaces I present the mobile application “Calories in baby food”.

The main idea:

To make reference and practical application for counting of consumed by a child calories per day. To make it possible to follow children’s feeding during a long period of time.

Main users – primary pupils’ mums.

Women in 20-40 years old, having one or some children and of average and higher wealth. Interested in healthy lifestyle and wish to keep proper nutrition of their children since childhood.

The user’s script:

Some mother feeds her baby during a day. After each meal she puts the info about the eaten products into the application. The data gets into the application as numbers-grams of consumed products. The application sums the calories depending on the inputted grams. The application displays the data about consumed calories in convenient way. This mother compares the amount of eaten food with the norm which corresponds to child’s age. Considering the numbers she decides how to plan her child’s nutrition.

Functions of the application:

1. Counting of consumed calories (Energetic value, kilocalories).
2. Maintaining the history of consumed products and calories.
3. Creating of some children’s profiles.
4. Adding of own products into the general database.
5. Changing of calories’ norms due to user’s demands.

Technical implementation details:

In the base of main products there are more than 300 of them. These are the products that may present in the primary pupil’s diet: meat, vegetables, cereals, fruit, drinks, cheese products, sweets etc. Each product has own amount of calories. Wherein some products’ data of calories is used in the estimation depending on processing of them (jam, fried food etc.).

Stages of implementation:

Stand all the requirements in a separate list. Replace the list of actions into the functional list. Allocate primary and secondary functions. Create general application’s scheme. Make "by hand " sketches of the future interface.

Spend a few iterations of the sketches, increasing the level of detalisation. When there are several pages of sketches with the established at the moment elements forming the desired script of behavior to me - I turn to creation of drafts of layouts in InDesign. Create in InDesign wireframes of all necessary pages. Delete useless functional list. When all the wireframes are ready, start creating layouts in Photoshop.

Create 3 versions of design. Realize 2-3 pages in each design:
- Minimalist in bright colors
- Minimalist in dark colors
- With lots of illustrations
Consider advantages and disadvantages of all versions. Choose the minimalist in bright colors. Draw the rest pages and send to developers for realization.